Last Friday night, the School was pleased to host the 2019 Open day at the Hobart Campus, hosting over 30 current students.
Thanks to the students, volunteers and parent support groups who made this fun.
Highlights of the 2019 Open day include school tours, interactive academic and extracurricular displays, and information exchange with the CEO.

Students were eager and enjoy food on the day.

Open days are a great way to explore the campus and experience VTI life. You can learn about our programs, pathways and scholarships directly from students and faculty.
Our event was filled with exciting hands-on activities, delicious food, music and more.

Special snacks for the day.

Every six months, VTI welcomes the public to participate in its open day and experience everything VTI offers. Our open day is an exciting opportunity for future students and parents to learn more about facilities, projects, opportunities and services. Here are some significant reasons for you to participate in our open day:

  1. You can see the actions of teaching and learning
    At VTI, we hold open day activities during school hours, showing you the “behind the scenes” of campus life. You will be able to immerse yourself in the institution’s learning culture and get to know the institution first-hand in your daily life. You will have the opportunity to see all areas of the School, students and teachers competing in the activation centre, performing car repairs in our car workshop, and taking full advantage of our facilities.
  2. Meet with teachers, students and other parents
    During our open day, you will have valuable opportunities to chat with our teachers, students and other parents. You can always ask our students any questions about their experience at VTI; we believe they will be happy to tell you the many reasons they love VTI life.
    We want to help you in any way possible, which is why we make sure that you take a comprehensive tour of our welcoming campus and have a natural feel for our wonderful campus.