Student Handbook

This book is intended to provide guidance facilities for international and domestic students with informational facilities on daily life, and how to study well in Australia in general and VTI in particular.

What We Offer & What You Experience

In addition to the basic instructions in this handbook, the outstanding points that students will receive when studying at VTI are summarized as follows

Beginner Courses

Wide range of well-prepared standard beginner courses.

Flexible Learning

To create favourable conditions for students to complete their study program during difficult times of the epidemic, VTI supports students with flexible forms of learning and practice.

Realworld Projects

With the motto “Learn by Doing”, we always bring opportunities to practice directly in real projects for students to promote their problem-solving ability.

Enthusiastic Support

One of VTI’s missions is to be ready to help students and stakeholders achieve their academic and business goals.

Lessons Plans

To meet the demand for highly skilled workers, we apply educational standards to specific lesson plans to match students’ abilities.

Professional Training

This is one of our specializations.

What People Are Saying

My job now is the result of studying Diploma of Community Services at Vocational Training Insitute (VTI). I’ve never thought that I could finish the course without trainers’ help and support. Also, staff are friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!”

Varun Rahul, Support Worker

Like to share to those who want to take leadership and management courses in Hobart and Melbourne. I studied here and fully got help from Vocational Training Institute (VTI) trainers. Thanks to all trainers and staff for assisting me with my diploma completion.

Dicxit Chaudry, Graduate Student

Thanks to VTI for providing me with a ticket to stay and study in Australia. I’ve got not only better life but also a full-time mechanic job. Highly recommend for those who want to take automotive courses and other leadership & management courses.

Anish Kaur, Mechanic

“Thank you for this handbook with a lot of useful and valuable information for my study and living in Australia.”

Harry Singh, Mechanic

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