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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can find some useful answers to frequently asked questions.

How often does VTI open an Automotive course?

Automotive courses start every month, so students have opportunities to enrol at any time.

What should I do if my request is not satisfied?

Typically, we process and respond to student’s and other’s requests with 100% satisfaction. If your initial request has been rejected, you can follow our Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure for further steps to satisfy your request.

Where and how can I submit a request form?

If you have any requests, please download the form and fill in it with the required details; then, you can bring it to our office and see administrative staff or send it via email at

Is there any situation that my enrolment will be cancelled?

There are some common cases in which your enrolment may be cancelled:
– Non-commencement of studies
– Non-payment of a fee
– Students misbehaviours
You can refer to our Deferring, Suspending and Cancelling Policy and Procedure for more details.

If my visa is refused before the commencement date, can I get the refund and if yes, how many days will I get it back to my account?

• If a student’s initial visa is not granted, a request for a refund in writing (via Refund Request Form) and proof of visa refusal from Immigration must be provided to VTI no later than 28 days after the visa refusal.
• Without proof of refusal from Immigration, NO refund will be issued.
• The entitled refund will be made to the Student within 4 weeks after the written request and evidence of documentation is received.

Refer to our Refund Policy and Procedure for more details.

Which support services do VTI provide to students?

Our student support services include:

– Academic support/ one on one support from trainer and assessor
– Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)
– Equipment and resources to increase access for learners
– Learning materials in alternative formats, for example, in large print
– Counselling services or referrals to required services
– Information technology (IT) support
– Mediation services or referrals to external services

For more details, please refer to our Student Support Services Policy and Procedure.

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