The number of VTI graduates from different backgrounds with rich experience in vocational education, higher education and other fields hit a record high.
Muhammad said that he only learned that her friend was also studying at VTI after starting the Graduate Diploma of management.
He said: “It’s incredible to be able to share with him here with someone who had a similar experience many years ago.”
“He chose VTI many years ago, and we chose it without knowing that he has left here and now meet here on graduation day”.






Mr Parminder (CEO) stated congratulations to graduates on the day.





Justin will also start his work at the end of the year after obtaining an Automotive degree. When he knew that his classmates were about to do the same job, he felt exciting.
Justin said that he was glad to see his friend go to the same institution as him. He said: “I think this is great. You will never stop learning. Actually, I did an Automotive certificate III course through VTI last year, and it opened up the world for me in the future.”
The graduation ceremony is an important event for VTI. Four hundred thirty-eight students in academic dress and their families and friends were present to watch.
VTI’s CEO, Mr Parminder, stated that graduation is a springboard for graduates to enter a beautiful new world and reiterated the importance of keeping in touch with other VTI alumni. He said: “We are proud of providing our students with the confidence, knowledge, skills and connections they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. Our graduates come from all over the world and live and work in different countries. This is an invaluable network”.






Graduates with their GDM certificates.





Community service graduate Sandeep will begin to hold senior positions in the age care industry next year.
She said that VTI taught her how to learn, not just what to learn. She believes that once she leaves the institution, her learning will not stop.
“Every week, we will learn practical tools so we can immediately apply these tools to our start-ups.”
“Throughout my degree, I have been following and learning the cutting-edge technologies that are being used in the industry.”