The VTI 2019 graduation season saw approximately 100 graduates and more than 200 guests across the VTI campus.

VTI’s CEO, Mr Parminder, congratulated all graduates and their supporters and said he looks forward to officiating at a number of the ceremonies.

Academic Manager Mr Ritish (middle) and CEO Mr Parminder (right) giving Certificate of Academic Excellence to a student.

“We are pleased to celebrate the success of our students and share it with their families and friends, as graduation is an important milestone and recognition of years of hard work and dedication,” said Mr Parminder.

“It is also exciting that our graduates are prepared to put the expertise and skills they have gained through their studies and research at VTI to work to make a real difference in our society.”

We are proud to celebrate our graduates’ hard work and dedication over the past 12 months and have recognized the outstanding students of 2019. The evening also presented many awards in recognition of the achievements of our students and their contributions to their fields of work or study.

Many thanks to our graduates for their achievements, our students, their families and friends and the entire VTI staff who helped us make this an unforgettable event.

Mr Parminder (CEO), congrats completion of the course to students.

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