We are thrilled to have participated in the Punjabi Folk Dance Festival 2019. It was VTI’s first time sponsoring this event; it was exciting, fun and memorable.
Mr Parminder, CEO of VTI said: “We are delighted with the success of this festival and are pleased to see families and the community benefiting from it.”

A group of dancers jumping in their performance.

More than 100 artists performed at the Punjabi Folk Dance Festival 2019′ last weekend in Melbourne, entertaining the audience with Punjabi folk dance, music, traditional performances and comedy besides conducting free dance and music workshops.

Punjabi Folk Dance Festival is one of the unique concepts to promote Punjabi Culture and Heritage. This was the first festival of Punjabi folk dances organized by Punjabi Folk Dance Academy Australia and provides hundreds of dancers with the opportunity to perform and learn in a professional and constructive environment. It is a showcase of traditional Punjabi Folk Dances.
The dance is often considered derived from the ancient dance known as the ring dance and is just as energetic as bhangra; simultaneously, it manages to display feminine grace, elegance and flexibility creatively. It is a highly colourful dance form that has spread to all regions of India. Women perform this dance mainly on festive or social occasions. The dance is accompanied by rhythmic clapping, with a typical traditional folk song performed by older women in the background.