Last Saturday afternoon, VTI organized the last badminton team building activity of 2018 for employees and students at the Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association.
All the participants were full of spirits and excellent skills. Whether singles or doubles, the intense sports atmosphere infected the scene. Everyone takes turns to participate in sports competitions, sweat and feel the excitement brought about by sports.

The matches were fiercely fought between the players. Many severe serves and beautiful counter-attacks sparked the exciting atmosphere of the game. The players really caught the eye from the stands and shouted loudly every time a point was added.

VTI team and champions.

The weekend exercise can keep everyone in a better condition and return to work with the whole spirit. Let us look forward to the following activities together.
Many Thanks to all the participants, supporters and volunteers. Congratulations to all winners and runners ups!!! Special Thanks to Vicky Zhang and Rowan Grant for your support.

The player is interesting and ready for his competition.

One of the most incredible benefits of badminton is a strong team spirit. Team competitions play a central role in badminton.
“There is no better way to cultivate our team spirit than badminton, whether on or off the court.” VTI’s CEO, Mr Parminder, said. “This allows us to learn to listen, share, care and support.”
It allows VTI members to connect, and most importantly, they can use these qualities in other areas of their daily or professional life.

VTI was very honoured to organize this event for all staff and students to participate in to create a spirit of sport and teamwork in the school environment. The event was well received and appreciated by students, trainers and staff of VTI.